FT Bargaining Team

Collective agreements for each of the Full-time and Part-time bargaining units shall be negotiated by their respective Unit Negotiating Committees (the FT Bargaining Team and the PT Bargaining Team).

The FT Bargaining Team comprises the Chairperson, both Chief Negotiators, two other FT members and your OPSEU Staff Representative. The Chairperson and Staff Representative have voice but no vote. You may contact the members of your FT Bargaining Team as follows.

Chairperson:  Myles McLellan, President    
   email:  [email protected]    
   phone:  (705) 949-9904 

Chief Negotiator, FT:  Henry Hornstein    
   email:  [email protected]    
   phone:  (705) 949-2301 ext 4328    
   office:  NW 304C 

Chief Negotiator, PT:  Bob Beggs    
   email:  [email protected] 

FT Member:  George Townsend 
   email:  [email protected]
   phone:  (705) 949-2301 ext 4359
   office:  WW 105A

FT Member:  Pelham Matthews
   email:  [email protected]
   phone:  (705) 949-2301 ext 4329
   office: NW 304A

FT Alternate Member:  Jim Bird
   email:  [email protected]
   phone:  (905) 451-0100

OPSEU Staff Representative:  Michael Hocevar    
   email:  [email protected]    
   phone-office:  (844) 765-1421 ext. 5623    
   phone-fax:  (705) 949-0326