Unit Stewards

Unit Stewards shall inform their Members of activities ongoing within their Bargaining Unit and Local 685. This includes inviting Members to join OPSEU, and welcoming new employees to the workplace and the Union. They shall also represent the concerns and suggestions made by Members in their portfolio to their Bargaining Unit and Local 685. In addition they shall attend Bargaining Unit Committee, Bargaining Unit Membership, Local Executive and Local General Membership meetings, become familiar with the provisions of the Collective Agreement that applies to them, assist and cooperate fully with the Local Health and Safety Committee.

For more details on Steward responsibilities see the OPSEU Steward Handbook.

You may contact each of your ten Unit Stewards (alphabetically by first name) as follows.

 1  Bob Beggs  (PT Social Sciences, SSM)
    email:  [email protected]

 2  Deb Woodman, Vice President (FT Humanities)
    email:  [email protected] 
    phone:  (705) 949-2301 ext 4354
    office:  CC 3032A

 3  Gerry Mahar (FT Social Sciences)
    email:  [email protected]
    phone:  (705) 949-2301 ext 4758 
    office:  NW 304B

 4  Michael Lajoie, Treasurer (PT Sciences, SSM)
    email:  [email protected]

 5  Myles McLellan, President (PT Timmins)
    email:  [email protected]
    phone:  (705) 949-9904

 6  Paulette Steeves (FT Steward at Large, Humanities)
    email:  [email protected]
    phone:  (705) 949-2301 ext 4339
    office:  SH 413

 7  Pelham Matthews (FT Steward at Large, Social Science)
    email:  [email protected]
    phone:  (705) 949-2301 ext 4329 
    office:  NW 304A

 8  Seymour Stein, Local Secretary (PT Brampton)
    email:  [email protected]

 9  Simon Xu (FT Sciences)
    email:  [email protected]
    phone:  (705) 949-2301 ext 4346
    office:  WW 105F 

10  Tony Fabiano, Vice President (PT Humanities, SSM)
    email:  [email protected]
    phone:  (705) 949-2301
    office:  WW 106