Unit Negotiating Committees

There are two negotiating committees.  We also call them the PT Bargaining Team and the FT Bargaining Team.

Collective agreements for each of the Full-time and Part-time bargaining units shall be negotiated by their respective Unit Negotiating Committees.

Each Unit Negotiating Committee shall be chaired by the President of the Local who has voice but no vote. The remainder of each Negotiating Committee shall be comprised of the Chief Negotiator for that bargaining Unit, the Chief Negotiator of the other bargaining Unit, and two other members of the respective bargaining Unit, all elected by the members of their respective bargaining Units, and a Staff Representative provided by OPSEU/SEFPO to assist the Negotiating Committee in negotiations.

Said Staff Representative shall have the right to participate in negotiations at all stages, from demand setting to ratification, with voice but no vote.

The Chief Negotiators (FT) and (PT) shall be responsible for

  1. Leading the negotiations of new collective agreements, full time and part time, respectively;
  2. Conducting research on salaries and benefits;
  3. Directing the preparation of proposals for discussion by the Bargaining Committee;
  4. Informing the membership of matters relating to the negotiation and administration of collective agreements, when requested to do so by the President;
  5. Reporting to the Executive as required or when requested to do so by the President;
  6. Sitting on both Bargaining Committees–PT and FT; and
  7. Attending CAUT‘s annual Forum for Chief Negotiators (Chief Negotiator-FT, or Chief Negotiator-PT if Chief Negotiator-FT is unavailable), and attending OCUFA‘s CBC meetings.