Local President

Local President

Dr. Myles Frederick McLellan (Professor of Law and Justice)

LL.B (J.D);  LL.M (Osgoode);  Ph.D. (Anglia Ruskin — Law)

Roles and Responsibility

The Local President shall:

  1. preside at all meetings of the Union Local and at meetings of the Local Executive Committee save for meetings of Bargaining Units and their Unit Committees;
  2. enforce the Union Constitution and the Union Local’s By-Laws and be responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of the Union Local;
  3. be the official spokesperson of the Union Local, unless otherwise designated;
  4. sign all contracts (save for Collective Agreements) and be a co-signer on all cheques with the Local Secretary, Local Treasurer, FT Unit Vice-President, and PT Unit Vice-President.  Co-signers on all cheques shall include at least one Executive member from each Bargaining Unit;
  5. shall be a member of all committees save for unit specific committees.


Email:   [email protected]

Phone:  (705) 949-9904